Who am I and what do I do?

My name is Mirek Rohlicek and I manage dozens of small and large WordPress websites. I take care of their security, speed, optimization and development.

I create websites from design through web design and implementation to search engine optimization and marketing strategy.

I help my clients with business development on the internet.
I also manage and develop my own projects where I put new knowledge of WordPress, SEO and marketing into practice.

So that I can give your business the best.
I pride myself on professional and honest work.

From the factory to professional WordPress websites

My first work experience dates back to 2012, when I started working as a rubber worker after my apprenticeship and training. It was not an ideal job because of the harmful chemicals and paints I worked with on a daily basis. It was a trade of health for money.

Three years later my health betrayed me and I knew I didn’t want to do that job anymore. So I decided to take the plunge into what I had always been most drawn to – working online. After some time, I came across affiliate marketing.

And it was through affiliate marketing that I made my first money online. At the same time, I also started a business on Amazon and thanks to that I was able to quit my job after a few months. So I could finally concentrate fully on my Amazon business in the US.

Thanks to Amazon, I got to know WordPress and gained a lot of experience with marketing, SEO and graphics. I enjoyed creating websites, so I started creating my own projects and later websites for clients. I launched my personal website with a blog where I wrote about doing business on Amazon, and I wrote an e-book, The Successful Website.

Later, I started working with the Wp-Admin.cz team and learned how to work professionally on large WordPress sites. Managing, securing, accelerating, de-virusing and developing large WordPress sites and e-stores became my daily bread. I later quit the Amazon business because I wanted to devote myself fully to WordPress.

I created and maintain DarkTown.cz magazine, which now features over 500 original articles and 20 authors. I became interested in bitcoin and made my first cryptocurrency investment three months before bitcoin crossed the $20,000 mark. I did not sell the cryptocurrencies and I still have them.

I’ve been making video tutorials on YouTube. First they were tutorials on how cryptocurrencies work, and later I filmed practical tutorials for beginners in WordPress. I regularly give talks every year at Barcamp in Hradec Kralove and attend WordCamp in Prague and Brno.

Every year I collaborate on the CreepyCon festival, for which I made the website, and help with the marketing strategy. I also created the e-shop CreepyShop.cz, where I started selling books and gradually added more original products.

I work with Wp-Admin.cz on sites with millions of sales and tens of thousands of visitors a day. I regularly work on developing my own projects. I am constantly educating myself so that I can offer my clients the best. In short, I do work from the comfort of my home that I enjoy. I have fulfilled my dream of an ideal job and now I am helping to make my clients‘ dreams come true.

„Pretty good for a factory worker, right?“

Life Stages

(1998-2012) Primary and secondary school

(2012-2015) Work in the factory

(2015-2022) Affiliate marketing

(2015-2017) Business on Amazon

(2015-2022) WordPress and marketing

(2016-2022) Cooperation with Wp-Admin

(2017-2022) Launching DarkTown.cz

(2017-2022) Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

(2018-2022) Launching CreepyCon.cz

(2018-2019) Youtube and education

(2019-2022) Launching CreepyShop.cz

6 Reasons to work together


I pride myself on professional work


I am responsible and consistent


I am reliable and meet deadlines


I will be happy to advise and help you


I can help with planning and organization


I always try to add something extra

Websites created

Websites I manage

Hours in WordPress

Years of experience

What can I help you with?

With WordPress, SEO and marketing. I will advise you on how to grow your website, how to get new customers and get ahead of the competition. Or I can build a brand new, modern and polished website for you. From first designs to implementation.


I build secure, fast and clear WordPress websites. But I can also take care of managing, speeding up, securing or developing your existing site.

Graphics and design

I design the structure and web design of new websites. I create complete graphic designs and help with visual identity and redesign of websites or entire projects.

Site Analysis

Everything I do is always based on concrete and clear data. I find out how the site works, where its biggest weaknesses are and what can be improved.

Project Management

I’m saving you time and trouble. I manage projects, create assignments and communicate with your team of programmers or graphic designers. To make sure your project turns out the way you want.


I design long-term and comprehensive marketing strategies. I optimize your website for search engines and bring you more visitors and customers.

Help and consultation

I help beginners with WordPress. I give advice in Facebook groups, write blog posts and make video tutorials. I also offer consulting and training.

What have I done?

Loga reference správa wordpress webů

I have built many websites and helped many others with development and improvement. Either alone or in cooperation with an external team. Take a look at the websites that have passed under my hands.

My own projects

I’m constantly keeping an eye on what’s going on in the world of WordPress, SEO and marketing. That’s why I always try all the new stuff on my own projects first. I also enjoy WordPress and marketing in my spare time.

darktown.cz creepypasty a záhady


The DarkTown website brings together authors of horror and scary stories. You can find over 500 original articles on the site. The site has long and steady traffic from search engines, without any paid promotion.

creepycon.cz festival creepypast a záhad


I built the entire website for the CreepyCon event, including graphics and marketing strategy. I also manage the website and co-organize CreepyCon, which focuses on horror, mystery and creepypasta.

CreepyShop.cz knihy a tričky s děsivými motivy


I launched the e-store on January 1, 2019, offering merchandise for horror and mystery fans. Thanks to good search engine optimization, regular orders come to the e-shop, even without investing money in advertising on the Internet.

Where can we meet?

I love WordPress. Not only as a job, but also in my free time.
Do you have the same? In that case, I’ll definitely see you at one of the annual events I regularly appear at.

WordCamp Prague

WordCamp is a conference focused on WordPress, websites and marketing. I first attended WordCamp in 2016, and haven’t missed it since.

Barcamp Hradec Králové

I’ve been lecturing at BarCamp since 2017. I mainly focus on topics such as online business opportunities, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies or WordPress.

WordCamp Brno

WordCamp Brno is a smaller conference focused mainly on WordPress and online business. I have been a regular participant since the first edition in 2017.