Consultation and training

I will advise you on search engine optimization and marketing, and help you develop your project effectively. I will teach you how to work in WordPress, whether you are a beginner or advanced. I always tailor my consultations and training to your project. So that you know how best to develop it further.

Online consultation

Do you need help with your online business?
I can teach you how to work with WordPress or help you with SEO and promoting your business. I’ll take your project to the next level.

Online / Offline consultation

Want to get the best out of your website?
I’ll help you with WordPress, search engine optimization and marketing and show you how to effectively increase your profits.

I’ll explain the more complex issues using concrete examples and practical examples. If you’re interested, I can record the course of the consultation so you can review and recall anything later.

In the case of regular consultations, you will also receive a clear report from me with advice, specific instructions and links to other resources.

WordPress training

Do you want to build your own website in WordPress?
I’ll teach you how to maintain a WordPress site or help you create a new site. You will try everything in practice, I will customize the training
to your needs and pace.

WordPress Training For Webmasters

Do you want to learn how to maintain WordPress sites? I’ll teach you everything you need. Simple and practical.

Through specific tutorials, examples and real-life tasks, you’ll master professional WordPress administration. You’ll learn how to maintain and update your existing site, how to make it faster, more secure and free of all bugs.

I prepare customized training, always combining the latest knowledge from the WordPress world and a personal approach. You can attend the training either alone or in a team, for example with colleagues.

WordPress training for web developers

Want to learn how to build your own website in WordPress?

I’ll help you build your website or e-commerce site from structure and graphic design to speed and security to SEO and basic web development standards. During the training, you will install WordPress yourself, set up your site, choose a template, and customize the look and structure of your site.

You will learn how to speed up, secure, find and fix various bugs. You’ll learn how to select and set up appropriate plugins and templates, all under the supervision of a professional.

My WordPress courses for developers always include practical examples and specific assignments so you can put everything you learn into practice immediately.  During the training, I will pass on my complete know-how to you.

I pride myself on simplicity and an individual approach, I always adapt the training to your pace and your specific needs.

Project Management

Do you want your project to turn out the way you want?
I will take care of the assignment, communication and the whole team.
So that everything goes as it should. I save you time, nerves and money.

Planning and managing a small project

Do you need help with creating your personal or business website?

I’ll take care of planning, organizing the work and taking care of communication with programmers, graphic designers and other team members. Based on the analysis of specific data, I will create a clear brief for your entire project, including a plan for implementation.

During the whole cooperation I will constantly communicate with you, monitor deadlines and the correct implementation of individual tasks. At the end I will check everything carefully. I will present you with the result together with a clear report and suggestions for further improvements.

Planning and managing a large project

Are you building a large website or e-shop and want everything to turn out the way you want? I’ll help you plan the whole project and take care of the organization to make sure your team works as it should.

I’ll create clear briefs for the graphic designers and programmers, always based on specific documents such as keyword analysis, target audience analysis or a marketing plan. I act as a liaison between you and the team. I make sure you get clear results.

In addition, I continuously come up with suggestions for improvement. I plan the project with all deadlines in mind, and the work also includes a final check of the entire website. As an added bonus, I will also develop a marketing strategy for you to gain new customers or clients.

Which services can I help you with?

What does cooperation look like?

1. Demand

Need a consultation or training? Get in touch. I can help you with the development and promotion of your web. I will teach you how to create your own website and how to maintain it.

2. Consultation

I will prepare a consultation or training for you. Either online or in person. I prepare thoroughly for each consultation, am efficient and save you time.

3. Summary

After each consultation, you will receive a summary report from me and, if necessary, a practical plan for our next meeting. If you wish, I can record the consultation for you.

Get advice from a WordPress professional

Loga reference správa wordpress webů

I have built a number of small and large websites, from design to marketing. Over the years I have gained a lot of experience with WordPress and marketing, which I will be happy to pass on to you.