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Mirek Rohlicek

VAT (EU): CZ9208233441
IČO (CZ): 05121281
Czech Republic

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a question about online business, can you advise me?

Yes, ask! I’d be happy to help you with anything related to WordPress websites, SEO, marketing or internet business. Email me either at or via Facebook Messenger. You can also use the contact form on this page.

By the way, check out my blog as well. I regularly post answers to recurring questions there, both in the form of articles and video tutorials.

What will our cooperation look like?

Want a better WordPress website? Or do you need help with marketing, SEO or running your business online? Get in touch and let’s find out what all I can help you with. I take an individual approach to every job, right from the start. So I first ask about your goals, your online business and how you are doing with your competitors.

Based on all the information, we then work together to prepare a specific assignment, including a schedule and price, and once you have cashed the advance invoice, I get to work. We stay in touch throughout the job, and you’re always in control of everything I’m working on.

I will immediately incorporate your comments, and I will continuously come up with suggestions for further improvements. I always hand in the work by the pre-agreed deadline. But it doesn’t end there for me. Along with the finished job, I have something extra for you, whether it is suggestions for further development of the site or, for example, a free consultation.

Do I really need to improve the site?

You can only make a first impression once. And that’s true on the Internet, too. A modern and user-friendly website is the most effective form of promotion today. It raises awareness of your business, brings new customers or clients to you and helps build relationships with existing ones.

So don’t underestimate online promotion. If you want to get your service or product in front of people, a good website is a must today. If you don’t know exactly what your website needs, drop me a line. Together, we will figure out how to improve and develop your online presence so that it brings you new customers or orders.

What can you do for me?

I can help you with your WordPress website, marketing strategy and your online business. I will build a new website for you or modify the existing one. I can take care of your WordPress website from speedup to security and administration to bug fixes and other site customizations.

I’ll advise you on how to get ahead of the competition online. I’ll find out where your online presence has weaknesses and suggest ways to improve it. I specialise in WordPress, SEO and marketing and I also run training courses for individuals and businesses.

I have been in the industry for many years, so I know that every project is different. I treat each client individually, taking into account their specific needs and the goals of the project.

Which services do you not provide?

Copywriting is not my area of expertise, nor is PPC, linkbuilding and performance marketing. I don’t deal with sites that are not built on the WordPress content management system. I’m done with the Amazon business.

I specialize in WordPress sites and long-term, effective marketing strategies. I can help you with anything related to WordPress. I can create a comprehensive customized marketing strategy or optimize your site for search engines. For a specific list of the services I offer, please visit my Services page.

What is your experience?

I have been in the world of WordPress, graphics and online marketing for more than five years. During that time I have built a number of successful websites, from design to implementation to search engine optimization.

I help my clients get more orders, orders and visitors. I always test all new WordPress and marketing innovations on my own projects first. This is also how I keep up with the latest trends, so I can pass on to your online business what really works.

But my experience isn’t limited to WordPress. I’ve run a business on Amazon, done affiliate marketing, dealt with cryptocurrencies and consulting, and run my own e-commerce store. You can find more information about what I’ve done on my About Me page.

How much do your services cost?

I’m dealing with you openly and fairly. So you always know exactly how much you’ll pay for my work. I price each job individually, depending on the size of the site, the project or the overall scope of work.

You will always find out the final price from me in advance. So that you clearly know where you stand. You can find indicative prices for individual services on the Services page.