E-shop for horror fans

I launched the e-shop, which offers merchandise for horror and mystery fans, at the beginning of 2019. Within the first few weeks, the first orders started coming in, mainly thanks to good search engine optimization.

Clear and optimized e-shop

I built the CreepyShop with everything that goes with it. From structure and design to shipping and payment options to search engine optimization. It is from search engines that dozens of visitors a day come to the site, without any paid promotion.

There are currently over 100 products on the e-shop, and in the near future we plan to include t-shirts and mugs with prints or paintings. The e-shop is fully automated, so I don’t have to worry about sending out the shipments myself. Everything works as efficiently as possible.

Pages on the web

Plugins on the web

Hours of work

Web speed

Work on the CreepyShop.cz website


Layout + Design + Logo


Books + Merch + Paintings


Products with variants


Shipping + Payments + Blog


UX + SEO + Analytics


Manage Woocommerce

Other references

Horror Festival website

Viral Magazine

Website with recipes