I’ll take care of your
website on WordPress

I will build a new website for you in WordPress. Customized and according to your ideas. Or I will help you with improving the existing one. I’ll fix bugs, speed up loading, detect security issues and take care of its management.

Web development

I create modern, responsive, fast and secure custom websites. From design to implementation. I care about the result as much as you do.

Development eshops

I will build you a clean and modern WordPress e-shop in WooCommerce. Exactly according to your needs and tailored to your business.

Repairs and Updates

I’ll fix the bugs and get rid of the error messages. Or I’ll customize the site the way you need it. I handle all changes quickly and without errors.

Managing WordPress

I will manage your WordPress website or e-shop: updates, security, website reports and backups. Professionally and responsibly.

Speeding up websites

I’ll make sure your users don’t have to wait. I will perform a thorough site speed analysis. I will optimize and significantly speed up your website.

Website security

I will secure your website from attacks. I will perform a thorough scan, detect security vulnerabilities, convert your site to HTTPS and deploy appropriate protection.

Web antivirus

Is your WordPress website not working as it should? I’ll reverse engineer it and save all your data. So that your online business is safe from spam and attacks.

Site Analysis

I will help you with the development of the site. I will do a thorough analysis from speed and security to UX and SEO. And I’ll suggest what will help your site the most.

I’ll give you some advice,
how to do SEO and marketing

I can help you effectively drive more visitors to your website. I approach websites individually and comprehensively. From UX to SEO to design and marketing strategy. That’s why I’ll design the best solution just for you.

(SEO) search engines

I’ll make you visible in the search engines. I will perform SEO analysis of your website, keywords and texts and optimize your website for search engines.

Online marketing

I can help increase your profits online and off. I will show you how to reach new customers and prepare a marketing strategy for your project.

Project analysis

I will advise you on the further development of the project. I will analyze your business and recommend specific steps to move you in the right direction.

UX / UI analysis

I’ll find out how your visitors behave on the site and what they have the biggest problem with. I’ll suggest ways to improve conversion rates or time spent on the site.

Consultation and training

I will teach you how to work with WordPress. I’ll be on hand when you need advice with web, graphics, SEO or marketing. I run courses for beginners, businesses and individual training.

Consultation and advice

I will give you advice on WordPress, SEO and marketing. I offer one-off and regular consultations, always tailored to your specific needs and your business.

WordPress Training

I will teach you how to create and manage your own WordPress website. I’ll teach you everything from scratch, or we can just focus on what you need right now. I can teach the simple stuff and the complex stuff.

Project management

I’ll save you time and trouble. I will look after your team and the whole web project and make sure that the result is to your liking. I’ll be the expert liaison between you and your team.

What have I done?

Loga reference správa wordpress webů

I will build a website for you from scratch, just as I can jump into a project that is already underway. Either alone or in cooperation with an external team. I have created dozens of websites and yours can be one of them.