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E-shop with car parts for the German market

Extensive Woocommerce e-shop with advanced filtering and product search. Easy credit card payment via PayPal and different DHL shipping rates according to weight and order size.

German Woocommerce e-shop with car parts

A client approached me with a requirement for an e-shop with used car parts primarily for the German market with the possibility of selling worldwide. The owner of the AACteile brand was selling auto parts on Ebay, but a big problem for him was repeatedly adding products because Ebay was deleting products older than 30 days from the catalog.

The client had a list of requirements which I used to create a rough implementation plan. I chose a WordPress template customized to sell auto parts with advanced search and product filtering. I created homepage, about us, contact, product catalog and product pages.

An important part of the e-shop is the sales process. I have set up shipping zones so that shipping prices are different for Germany, Europe and other continents and also according to weight and order size. For payments, the client chose the option of payment by bank transfer and payment by credit card via PayPal. I set everything up and tested it.

Before the launch, final testing of the e-shop, optimization of email deliverability, basic technical SEO setup and complete site acceleration took place. The client has added over 1000 products to the e-shop during the course of the work and is continually adding more. We still work on the e-shop together and I do WordPress site management including monitoring and Search Console checking. We are now working with the client on his other projects as well.

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