WordPress Services

I will create for you a modern website or e-shop with a responsive design and simple administration. Or I can help you improve your existing site, whether it’s speeding it up, security or administration. With me, you’re always in control of your WordPress website. I pride myself on quality and fair dealing.

Web and E-shop development

Do you want your own website?
I create modern, fast, responsive and secure websites or
e-shops in WordPress for entrepreneurs, freelancers or companies.

Small and Fast WordPress Website

I will build a simple and clear website for you: a one-page presentation, a small company website, a personal blog or a website for a freelancer.

I will help you with hosting and management of the site, design an original design adapted for computers, tablets and mobile phones. I will also take care of the speed of the site and its overall security.

The price includes training in working with WordPress.
Your website will be ready in 10 to 20 days.

Standard WordPress website for business

I will create for you a modern website with advanced features: a large corporate website, a portfolio with a gallery, a website for restaurants and businesses or a website for entrepreneurs.

I will design the structure and look of the site, set up technical SEO, newsletter, make the site faster, secure and connect to Google Analytics and other services.

Included in the price is the delivery of complete technical documentation, training for working with WordPress and other consultations. Your website will be ready in 20 to 45 days.

Large optimized website / Woocommerce E-shop

Do you need an e-shop or a full-fledged corporate website? I can create a website to suit your needs, whether it’s a multilingual website, a large magazine, an information database, a forum or a website for a business or organisation.

I will take care of everything from the first suggestions of the structure and design of the site to the implementation, checking, training and subsequent management. I will take care of your website from A to Z.

I will secure the site, speed it up and deploy GA and FB Pixel. For the e-shop I will set up shipping and payment options according to your requirements.

The contract includes complete documentation and handover report. I will show you how to work in WordPress and what to track in Google Analytics. For the first month after the handover, I will provide free website management.

As an added bonus, you will also receive a detailed marketing analysis from me, including suggestions for further development.

I work responsibly and efficiently, we are in constant contact during the creation of the site. So you are always in control of the results.

Repairing, editing and managing WordPress

Need help with web development?
I can help you with its administration, backup and security.
I will take care of updates, bug fixes and modifications to the site.

Wordpress web management and development

I’ll take the worry out of the web. I will ensure its management and smooth operation, take care of regular backups, monitoring and security.

I always test updates on the developer version first, so you can be sure that your website will always work flawlessly.

I regularly come up with suggestions for further improvements and development, such as SEO, speed and design.

WordPress website repairs and modifications

Need help with your WordPress website? I will solve everything for you.

I can customize the look and structure of your site, add new features, set up technical SEO or connect your site to social networks and Google services.

Write and leave all your website worries to me. I pride myself on quality and speed.

Speed up and optimize your WordPress website

Do you want to speed up the loading of your website?
I optimize your website to make it faster on desktop, tablet and mobile.
I’ll make sure your users don’t have to wait.

Speed up and optimize your WordPress site

Based on a careful analysis, I will suggest specific steps to speed up your website, from the server level to loading individual scripts.

I will optimize the size of images, set the cache correctly, edit and merge scripts, clean the site thoroughly and convert it to HTTPS.

Your site will load in less than one second. Plus, once your site is up to speed, you’ll get a detailed report on how fast your WordPress is loading.

WordPress website antivirus and security

Is your website protected from attacks, spam and bots?
Based on the analysis, I will fix all security vulnerabilities
and convert the site to HTTPS.

WordPress website security

I’ll find out where your WordPress website has weaknesses and secure it from attacks, bots and hackers.

I’ll convert your site to HTTPS, block access to malicious bots that crack passwords, scan users and files, and set up appropriate protection. So that you don’t have to worry about your website.

WordPress Site Virus Recovery

Are you worried that your website is infected or compromised? I’ll perform a thorough security scan and uncover any compromised sites.

I’ll save all your data and restore your site, restore and fix any errors so that it looks like it did before it was infected.

After the virus scan, I will thoroughly secure the site and fix the security issues.

WordPress website analysis

Do you want to further develop and improve your website?
I will prepare a clear report on the current state of your website and suggest how to move your online business in the right direction.

WordPress website analysis and audit

I’ll show you how to better achieve your goals on the web, differentiate yourself from the rest, and get one step ahead of the competition.

I will perform a comprehensive analysis of design, speed, security, UX, SEO. I will write specific advice and recommendations on how to improve and develop the site further.

What services do I use?

How does the cooperation work?

1. Demand

Want a new WordPress website? Or do you want to improve your existing one? Contact me and together we will find out what I can do for you.

2. Specifications

I will prepare a time and financial estimate for your job. We will set deadlines and after payment of the advance invoice I will get to work.

3. Plan and implementation

I’m following a plan that we agree on together. We are always in contact during the work, so you are always in control.

4. Inspection + handover

I always check the work and hand it in at the pre-agreed date. In addition to the documentation, I will also give you suggestions for further development of the site.

Look what I’ve done

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I have been working in WordPress for many years. During that time, I have built dozens of websites and helped many others with development in collaboration with an external team. I will take care of your site with the care it deserves.